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Celebrating 70 Years in Business – Buttsworth Industrial Supplies

Buttsworth Engineering has a long and proud history in the Hawkesbury and is now being operated by the fourth generation.

The Buttsworth lineage goes back to the first fleet. The family grew up in Wilberforce with land marks as Buttsworth Creek and Buttsworth Lane being named after them.

Buttsworth Engineering started just after WW11. Pat Buttsworth started the business in George Street, Windsor for general small fabrication work. After a couple of years he began making Buttsworth Earth Scoops which required larger premises so they moved to Macquarie Street (where Windsor Toyota are currently located).

In the early 1970’s the new industrial area was built in South Windsor, where the business still trades in its current location in Walker Street.

Jeff Thomas took over the business in 1982 from his father and changed its focus to general and structural engineering due to there being less call for scoops. Jeff and his son Paul expanded the business by selling industrial products, while his other son Mark took charge of the workshop and steel supplies.

In 2000 Paul and Mark took over the business from Jeff and Kay, and along with their wives Linda and Karen they decided to scale down the workshop and focus more on industrial sales and steel sales, whilst still maintaining a small fabrication workshop.

After Mark and Karen left in 2010, Paul and Linda (with their daughters Melissa Reid and Holly Watson), continued to manage the business with Paul’s brother Chris and Wesley Manton (General Manager).

As of July 2018 Wesley Manton, Melissa Reid and Holly Watson have become partners in Buttsworth to ensure this long established family business can continue to service the Hawkesbury for another 70 years